Complete Dentures 
  • A complete or full denture replaces all the teeth in the
    maxillary (upper) and/or mandibular (lower) jaw.
    With no natural teeth to support the denture,
    the upper is held in place by suction and are removable.

Partial Dentures
  • If you still have most of your natural teeth and are only looking to 
    replace a few that are missing, then a partial denture may be right for you.
    A partial denture is removable and is supported by your natural teeth and gums. A partial denture can be made from chrome or acrylic material.
  • Acrylic partial – Acrylic base. Clasps (wire clips) are often used to hold the denture in place
  • Chrome/Metal – Chrome partial dentures are less bulky and far stronger than acrylic dentures. They're also more comfortable.

Denture Repairs ( 2 to 4 hours )
  • Denture breakage can be caused by a number of things: age, wear and tear, a poor fit, an animal has chewed them or simply dropped them. It could be a simple crack, teeth could break off, or perhaps you have had an extraction and need additional teeth or clasps added. In each case, you’ll need a custom denture repair. Please remember to avoid attempting to make the repairs yourself. In most cases it can cause further damage to your denture, leading to a more expensive outcome.
Denture Relines 
  • Mouths are always changing, this may be the result from aging,
    illness, bone or teeth loss.
  • It's a natural procedure and over a period of years your denture
    may not fit as comfortably as it once was.
    Changes are slow and it's often hard to notice just how much
    the fit and feel of your denture has changed over time.
    If your denture starts to feel loose or you have difficulty when eating,
    a reline may be the perfect solution.
    We recommend having your denture checked every 2-3 years
    in case a reline is necessary.

Soft lining
  • If your gums feel tender, we can help by fitting a layer of
    soft material to the surface of your denture.
    The soft lining acts as a cushion between the hard
    plastic base of the denture and your gums

  • We make custom moulded mouthguards for maximum impact protection.
    They fit perfectly over each tooth and do not move in the mouth.

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